The Complete Service

Wedding day - Claire & Paul (photograph: Paul Fletcher Photography)
The Complete Service is a bespoke individual, personalised wedding design and planning service.

We create a tailor-made service that is unique and specifically for you considering everything required for your vision of your dream wedding day.

This service usually covers the time between your engagement to your honeymoon.

Your service can include all of the things you want arranged and managed for your wedding day even if you have found your ideal venue or any of your suppliers. We will guide you through the process and can take care of assisting you with everything from design ideas, venue and supplier selection, negotiation, all the planning and pulling all the plans together for the perfect wedding.

We can take care of everything and pull all the plans together for the perfect wedding

We do not make any decisions for you but guide and assist you to make informed choices and offer you support when needed. We pass all discounts and commissions received from any source to our couples which will reduce the overall cost of your wedding.

If you take advantage of this service you can relax, leave the organising to us, enjoy the special time in the lead up to your wedding day stress free and be sure that you and your guests have the best care on your wedding day.